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Hit Me Baysie One More Time (Limoncello) 700ml - Release 2

Hit Me Baysie One More Time (Limoncello) 700ml - Release 2

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Oh Baysie Baysie, how was I supposed to know

That my truck was too high?

A special edition limoncello created to celebrate/mourn the demise of our beloved truck-eating Bayswater Bridge. The zests of 200+ kg of Aussie grown lemons spent months bathing in our neutral spirit, before receiving a generous dose of sugar and water for proofing.

Special thanks to Matt for the zesting, and to Marian, Allison, Jenelle, Brigita, Helen, and Julie for the lemons. 

Simply refrigerate and enjoy. 


My GPS is killing me, and I

I must confess I still believe (still believe)

That I will fit through

I’ll be just fine

Ignore the siiiiiiiiiign!

Hit me Baysie, one more time

100% Australian grown ingredients, always.

34.5% ABV (yes, that’s strong for a limoncello), 700ml, approximately 19.1 standard drinks per bottle.

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