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Bubble & Squeak 700ml

Bubble & Squeak 700ml

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First we rescued fruit, and then we rescued liquid. And labels. And then more fruit. And some botanicals. You know how it goes. 

Like its namesake dish, Bubble and Squeak is made from leftovers and goodies on hand. Bubble and Squeak, the food, is quick and easy to throw together. Bubble and Squeak, the liqueur, definitely wasn't. 

What's in it?
Stone fruit (plums, apricots, peaches), citrus (lemon, lime, makrut lime), berries, chilli, Australian native botanicals, and a hint of sugar

How do I drink it?
Enjoy on ice in the style of an amaro, or make a spritz with your bubbly of choice

How did you make it?

Not content with rescuing other people's leftovers, we wondered what we could do with our own. Because we don't make the same thing repeatedly, we don't redistil our leftovers from batch to batch. Instead, we collect them in The Vat. 

In August 2023 we finally filled The Vat (milestone!) and it was time to see what we could make of it. Perhaps something amazing? Perhaps nothing? It would be a worthwhile experiment either way.

We ran several stripping runs, with deep heads cuts. Another series of spirit runs to further remove heads and tails. In the final run we collected spirit, two litres at a time, and pulled out our favourite flavours. Then, botanicals and fruit were steeped, fruit juice and sugar added, and the whole thing filtered before bottling. The final result was under a hundred bottles. 

Here are the original sources of what's in the bottle - you might notice we've also recycled some labels:

Plum and chilli - from Banh-mi-licious
Peach - from Caught by the Fuzz
Apricot- from Apricot for Destruction
Lemon - frozen juice from lemons zested for Hit Me Baysie, One More Time
Lime, Orange, and Fig - from infusion of dehydrated fruit slices that had started to soften
Berries - from Kick out the Jams
Botanicals - infusion of cinnamon myrtle, peppermint gum, and river mint, excess to Cosy Del's Digestivo and Avant Garden
Sugar - a tiny bit, just for kicks

700ml, 23.9% ABV, approximately 13.2 standard drinks.

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