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Optimus Lime 200ml

Optimus Lime 200ml

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Optimus Lime was created with a mission: To save vodka/lime/soda drinkers from sugary cordials and bland out-of-season citrus. Because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste for simplicity.


  • Made with real limes and nothing else
  • Sip with soda on ice, or add to any drink that could use a squeeze of lime (mojito, moscow mule) 

    Say ‘goodbye’ to smooshy, pithy limes left in the bottom of your glass and ‘hello’ to crisp and refreshing lime, no matter what time of year.

    We make Optimus Lime with real limes, not flavour essences. Whole limes are soaked in spirit until they give up their colour, and more are halved and added to the distillation. There’s no sugar, no unspecified ‘natural flavours’, and definitely no notes of lollies, apples, or anything else. Just lime, and vodka, tasting exactly how they’re supposed to.

    Enjoy Optimus Lime with soda, or use it to make a quick Moscow Mule. Any time you’d need lime in a vodka cocktail, reach for Optimus Lime instead.

    200ml, 40% ABV, approximately 6.3 standard drinks.


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