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Kick out the Jams 200ml

Kick out the Jams 200ml

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Kick out the Jams began its life in September 2022. We rescued, chopped, and fermented kilo upon kilo of rescue strawberries. At the same time, we collected every mason jar we could get our hands on and filled them with frozen strawberries and sugar.


  • Fermented rescue strawberries, even *more* strawberries, sugar, blackberries, and raspberries
  • Sip it straight, combine with cola for a 'cherry cola' flavour, or drizzle over desserts like pavlova or ice cream sundaes


    The jars took three months to produce a thick, sticky, strawberry syrup. While we waited, the strawberry ferment had its first distillation. With time on our hands, we started experimenting. More strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries took a bath in our neutral spirit. The spirit, the strawberry distillate, and the blackberries made their way back to the still for another run.

    The result: fruit flavours without the sugar. Tart, dry, astringent, even.

    We debated: should we release this completely unsweetened, in the German style?

    We tested: all our cocktail ideas involved added sugar…

    We consulted: life is challenging, drinking should be easy. And you’re a bunch of sweet tooths.

    So here it is. Kick out the Jams, a quirky little berry liqueur made with all our favourite jammy fruits and an absolutely ludicrous amount of strawberry syrup. Australian grown, always.

    24.2% ABV, 200 ml, approximately 3.8 standard drinks per bottle.


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